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Web development involves creating, building, and maintaining websites and web applications accessed through a browser. However, it also requires database management, web design, and programming. Designing the features and functionality of apps (web design) is a task that is closely related to web development.

Scrum Teams provides excellent web development services as it can cater to specific client needs while being easy to employ. This article intends to guide you through Scrum Team’s web development services to help clients develop successful websites.

Company’s Overview

Based in California, USA, Scrum Teams was founded in 2020 with over 60 satisfied customers worldwide. It provides remote staff with the aim to boost the customer experience in staff augmentation and empower their digital transformation journey.

Scrum Teams’ is on a mission to optimize the lead time to recruit a highly productive software engineering team with the vision of leveraging technologies to solve real-world problems.

Featured Services

Scrum Teams offers world-class premium quality developers to build digital products solving complex business problems. Their experts range from:

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Specialized Front/Back End Developer
  • Mobile App Development
  • Manual and Automated Quality Engineers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Creative Heads
  • Scrum Master/Project Manager

Refined World-Class Team

Scrum Teams has top-tier experts who have worked on several projects together. Hence, they can quickly fast-track their clients to norming or performing phases, getting them a strategically refined team ready to work on the action plan and create cutting-edge products.

The company uses data-driven methodologies to assist clients in hiring software engineers. Every engineer who joins a Scrum Team undergoes a rigorous hiring process that includes background reviews, several rounds of technical interviews, personality assessments, and finally, their ability to collaborate effectively with their teams is assessed.

Why Pick Scrum Teams For Web Development?

Hiring high-quality and talented software engineers is challenging in today’s competitive market. Likewise, building cohesive, high-performing engineering teams may take months. That’s why they follow Tuckman’s team-building process in four phases:

  • Forming: Hiring the team. The team has little understanding and requires guidance.
  • Storming: Increasing clarity of purpose and continuous coaching.
  • Norming: Clarifying the roles, facilitation resources, and agreement.
  • Performing: Task completion with solid decision-making and problem-solving is in place.

Scrum Teams strive to help companies thrive in today’s digital marketplace through their top-tier web app development services. GoodFirms, the B2B research and review platform, recognizes Vantedge as among the Top Web Development Companies.

GoodFirms Research Methodology – An Innovative Way to Identify Experts

GoodFirms Research Methodology is a systematic approach towards ranking firms according to their expertise which helps companies to find the right technology partner as per their needs. GoodFirms follows a specific performance algorithm that analyzes an organization’s overall performance in relation to a number of established metrics and competencies. The evaluation decides the ranking on listing pages for deserving companies.

About GoodFirms

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