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Get Experienced Quality Assurance and Test Automation Engineers

Get world-class, experienced Test Automation and Manual Quality Assurance Engineers for your Scrum Teams.

Test Management

Hire remote QA engineers who can write test cases, detailed test plans, and perform software testing to identify errors and anomalies proactively – and report them in an actionable manner.

Unit & Functional Testing

Our software and test automation engineers have expertise in writing unit and functional tests of the software module-wise and then integrate them into daily builds and automated test runs.

White Box Testing

Our test engineers can perform white box testing to identify the backend errors and debug them before the deployment.

Black Box Testing

Our QA engineers can perform black-box testing in the front-end, to identify the errors through test cases, ensuring the functional accuracy of the systems.

Automated Testing

Our Test Automation Engineers write automated unit, functional, and end to end tests for ensuring bug-free systems for you with zero tech debt. 

Cross-browser testing

Our QA Automation Engineers are experienced to perform cross-browser testing and debug errors before being deployed in the production environment.

API Testing

Our QA Developers have expertise in performing API Testing both manually and by test, automation to debug the issues and prevent any regressions from creeping into the systems.

Security Testing

For ensuring enterprise-grade security of customer data in our systems, we have experts specializing in security and penetration testing.

/Load Testing

Our Test Automation Engineers have expertise in performing Performance, Stress, and Load Testing for ensuring that our created solutions stand the test of time.

Our Expertise

Quality Remote Quality Assurance Engineers

Enjoy working with our experienced QA and Test Automation Engineers with 2+ years of experience, ensuring high-quality deliverables at all steps!

QA Engineers Skills Set:

Functional Testing
Integration testing
Manual Test Testing
Performance Testing
Non-Functional Testing
Game Testing
Mobile App Testing
Stress Testing
Software Testing
Web App Testing

Hire Remote Scrum Teams

Recruit and Hire for Agile Teams

Hiring Elite Software Developers

We have our dedicated staff continuously reaching out to top talent for hiring at ScrumTeams.us. We have multiple rounds of technical interviews and assessments before a candidate is finalized. ScrumTeams.us maintains a high bar of hiring technical talent across the board. 

Company Values Match and Personality Assessment 

ScrumTeams.us maintains a professional, corporate outlook, and works hard to uphold its values. We take great pains to ensure that any resources being hired align with our values, culture, and corporate image.

Probation Period and Performance Monitoring 

We have allocated a probation period for monitoring the performance of the candidate, thus assisting us in ensuring that the best talent is retained for our valued customers.

Continuous Improvement and Performance Monitoring

ScrumTeams.us believes in continuous improvement. We train our resources for keeping their skills at the cutting edge, and we continually monitor the performance of our resources to ensure a high quality of service to all our customers. 

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