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Global Offshore Developer Rates By Country in 2022

The world is fast evolving in terms of technology these days, and remote work has risen in popularity due to the Covid epidemic. As a result, firms are not confined to physical work in their own country, area, or region. These companies can choose to outsource or hire remote developers from anywhere globally. All development work can be done online, which has several advantages, including reduced physical costs, reduced time for recruitment and shortlisting deserving people, etc.


Hiring developers remotely or outsourcing software gives businesses a world of options, such as accessing a larger talent pool and reducing offshore software development rates. Furthermore, offshore software development saves HR workload by ensuring that remote teams have all of the team units that you may require. When you employ an offshore development team, analysts, marketing managers, product and project managers, architects, and other professionals. As a result, the project is fully operational, and the outsourcing team can be completely trusted. Similarly, almost 59 percent of worldwide corporations hire offshore programmers to reduce software development expenses. Even though offshore developer rates vary by country, organizations can still save anywhere from 40% to 70% on actual costs.


Yet, how much does it costs to recruit offshore development specialists or a team arises? What are the offshore rates for software development? It is dependent on several factors. The first and most essential factor is the developers’ country of origin. Continue reading to get your queries answered. 


Average Cost of Software Development Services WorldWide

Software development is one of the fastest-growing businesses, and you can save money by outsourcing software development to an overseas programmer team using cutting-edge technologies. Offshoring also allows companies to tap into global labor pools. The typical cost of software development services, on the other hand, varies substantially from country to country. Furthermore, product development expenses may vary depending on the technology stack, offshore developer seniority, hiring process, and platform used to hire offshore engineers.


Software development services are in high demand, and the software business is booming. As a result, average rates for software development services might differ significantly from actual prices for various reasons, such as rates for different technologies – some are common and cost less. In contrast, others are unique and cost more. The average developer cost takes into account rates of developers’ experience, whether they are senior or junior, as well as their market availability. Developers with good communication skills and a proactive approach, on the other hand, are constantly in demand; thus, their salary is higher.


Current Situation of IT Hiring Market in 2022

According to our research, senior software engineers are preferred by US-based companies for their projects. It’s rare to find a job opening for a junior or even a middle-level position. Many factors can play a role in this, including the need for startups to perform efficiently to cope with the constantly changing environment, the need for strong leaders in each role, resources are limited that make hiring and managing a large development team impossible, or even the opposite, receiving funding rounds that open up new horizons.

A similar dynamic exists in Western Europe, particularly Germany, and the Netherlands, where many European entrepreneurs are concentrated.


Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa were recognized as offshore software development regions due to this. Due to more demand and a limited supply of senior engineers in these areas, salaries have risen, and there is fierce competition for available resources. And, unless large corporations can afford to pay the highest prices to win this race, most startups will have to hunt for talent in nations where living costs are lower. 


Last year, however, the entire world entered a new digital era characterized by rapid technological innovation due to a pandemic. This, combined with the ever-increasing tech trend, has resulted in a tremendous increase in demand for remote software development services in recent years.

Finding an engineer with an appropriate tech stack and 5-8 years of expertise is becoming increasingly challenging; a talent was rare even in offshore outsourcing sites. As a result, the pay for offshore software engineers has skyrocketed.


Factors Determining Cost of Software Development in each Country


Apart from varying countries, several other crucial elements affect the cost of hiring global offshore developers. These are some of them:


  • Salary Range

The salary range is calculated by the country’s average and median salaries. You must convert salaries, from one location to another, into a single international currency when comparing them. This variation in salary range majorly influences the cost of software development. 


  • Cost of Living

The cost of living reflects the country’s overall cost of living and purchasing power. The higher the living expenses, the higher the software development rates. Low-cost-of-living countries will have reduced development costs.


  • Taxation System

Tax legislation varies from country to country; every country has its unique taxation system. Some countries are more forgiving in their treatment of the IT industry, while others impose higher taxes. It can contribute to the overall cost of software development.


  • Supply and demand

High demand and limited supply, like in any business, will raise wages and intensify competition for available resources. It’s especially obvious in the United States, where IT professionals are scarce.


Offshore Development Hourly Rates by Region in 2022

The average rates of offshore software development services will vary depending on the factors listed above. However, this will not imply that service quality is solely determined by pricing. When you recruit a group of developers from a place with lower hourly costs, the job quality may still be excellent. The low rate can be attributed to a simple tax structure or a low cost of living. Hourly rates are different in every country, let’s look for some hourly rates of some countries:


Offshore Developer Hourly Rates in ASIA

Compared to other regions, Asia is the pioneer of software outsourcing, having the largest number of offshore software engineers with a professional attitude. India and China are the two largest tech centers in the market. However, given the region’s size and the overall number of developers, the market should be separated into three key directions: East, South, and Central Asia. China is also a desirable location for offshore development. Only in China is the software development business predicted to grow at a 6.9% annual rate over the next five years, reaching $1.2 trillion. Across all HackerRank challenges, Chinese developers come out on top. The Chinese government encourages the development of technology by providing financial incentives. Low offshore developer rates, on the other hand, Asia’s main outsourcing centers include China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


In Asia, entry-level offshore developer costs start at $20 and go up to $35 for a senior offshore developer. Offshore development rates in major Asian IT centers, on the other hand, continue to rise and can now exceed $40–45 per hour. Nonetheless, Asian offshore software development companies offer lower offshore developer rates than their European counterparts. A varied labor pool comes at the expense of product quality and major cultural and temporal differences. With over 10 million IT experts, Asia has much IT talent to offer.


Offshore Developer Hourly Rates in the US 

The United States is routinely regarded as one of the world’s most digitally competitive nations. The hourly rate for software development in the United States is among the highest globally, ranging from $38 to $63 per hour. The entire cost, including taxes and perks, might range from $137k to $173k each year on an annual salary. Despite this, the region’s national market, economy, and taxation structure make it one of the most expensive places to outsource IT. The net salary accounts for 70% of this pay, with taxes and perks accounting for the remaining 30%. The average tax rate varies by state, but it is 29.7% on average.


Average fees for offshore software development in the United States might range from $60 to $130. Despite the higher cost, there are various benefits to employing in the United States.

For starters, you’ll be working with engineers who are native English speakers, so hazards like cross-cultural miscommunications or language hurdles are rare. Furthermore, if you are in the United States, you will have better control and coordination because you will be in the same or very comparable time zones. You will also get the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with folks on-site.


Offshore Developer Hourly Rates in Latin America 

Latin American countries can be an excellent alternative for enterprises wishing to nearshore their software development because of their physical proximity and overlap in working hours. Despite all of the economic uncertainties and political unrest, it has only recently been recognized as an offshore software development hotspot, thanks to the local government’s efforts. It allows firms to better manage teams and communicate more swiftly. Furthermore, national governments have begun to invest in technological education and IT infrastructure to grow the business.


The average hourly pay for an offshore developer might be anywhere from $4 and $9, which is a fair price for competitive talent and handy outsourcing locations. The rates are quite comparable across the board because there is no particular leading country in the region’s IT industry. For example, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil need new finance methods and provisions for their citizens, and IT provided great results.


Compared to other countries, even Brazil, which is considered one of the top 50 most advanced digital nations, has relatively average rates. Although it has a huge cost advantage over other regions, money should not be the only factor to consider.



It can be challenging to search for a software development team for your project. This is especially true if you are looking for tech talent in the United States or Western Europe. It may take a long time to find qualified folks at a reasonable price. If you’re new to remote hiring, learning about the top countries to outsource software development and offshore software development rates by country is essential.


You might, however, hire an offshore programming team to speed up the process and cut down on unplanned costs. Offshore software development rates can be an issue to consider if you’re new to hiring remotely. In addition, we attempted to provide the most accurate estimate of the hourly rate you should pay for an experienced developer eager to work on international projects in this post.


This income disparity is due to the lower cost of living in offshore countries. Although you may typically get the same quality as local experts, you should be cautious when outsourcing software development services. You can hire an award-winning offshore development team to speed up the development process and reduce unforeseen expenditures.

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