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Project management is a delicate discipline that is evolving in tandem with the modern workplace. Likewise, Businesses are looking for the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to simplify their workflow and get more out of doing less.

Gone are the days of sliding post-it notes around whiteboards as these requirements are now easily met by project management software. It may be readily customized and altered to match the needs of any organization, regardless of the business or industry. Some teams, though, maybe suspicious.

Human nature is resistant to change, and when profit margins are on the line, Web Project Managers are more prone to ask why they should use a specific tool. However, the numerous advantages of adopting specialized software should satisfy these concerns.

Furthermore, we’ll look at a few of these benefits in this post, analyze the Best Free Project Management Tools 2022, and examine how they can benefit your organization. So, unless your storehouse is overflowing with post-it notes, keep reading.



Trello is a go-to project management software, and we can heartily recommend it. Similarly, if you’ve never used a Kanban board before (or want something basic that works), give Trello a try right now. Therefore, Trello’s free plan is suitable for any team that uses a Kanban board to organize their work efficiently. Above all, just keep in mind the file upload restriction of 10 MB.

Free Features

  • Unlimited personal boards
  • Automation that is easy to use (with up to 50 per month)
  • 10 team boards
  • 10 MB file attachment limit
  • 2-factor authentication
  • 1 Power-Up per board
  • Unlimited lists
  • Unlimited cards (tasks)


Business Class ($9.99/user/month): Unlimited Power-Ups, 250 MB file attachment limit, priority support, user action limitations (observers), custom backgrounds and stickers, unlimited team boards, board collections, full automation abilities (up to 1,000 + 200 per user up to 6,000 max per month), email notifications, advanced admin permissions, Google Apps sign-on, simple data export, and more are all included in the free version.

Enterprise ($20.83/user/month): Business Class features plus up to 100 users (more can be added for a price), SSO, attachment restrictions, organization-wide permissions, personalized onboarding, public board management.

Customer Review

To sum up, we were able to redesign our work process and move forward swiftly and efficiently to complete our activities by using Trello. I can keep my colleagues and superiors up to date on the application’s constant progress, as well as our clients, by providing direct connections to the project they’re working on. Trello’s main benefit is that it aids in the organization of your work. Francisco Gutierrez, IT Analyst, Brave DMA.


Bitrix24 is a large-scale platform that aims to do everything from project management to CRM, chat, and website creation. In terms of project management, Bitrix24’s free plan includes a decent set of capabilities. Eventually, the main drawback is the limitation of 12 users and 5GB of storage. However, this software is great for small teams getting their feet wet in project management and larger groups searching for an all-in-one solution.

Free Features

  • Kanban, Gantt chart, and planner views.
  • Email-to-task (and vice versa)
  • Delegating.
  • Task time tracking.
  • Integrations.
  • All additional tools outside of project management are restricted.
  • Checklists.
  • 5GB storage.
  • Reminders.
  • 12 users.
  • 5 task dependencies.


CRM+ ($69/Month): 6 users, 50 GB storage, fewer limitations to all tools.

Standard ($99/Month): CRM+ features, 50 users, 100 GB storage, full access to project management and contact center tools.

Professional ($199/Month): Standard features plus unlimited users, unlimited storage, and full access to all tools.

Customer Review

Bitrix24 is a fantastic tool for teamwork. Staff members submit their daily to-do lists on the activity stream, which helps to establish accountability. However, on any given day, I can see what my employees are up to. Meanwhile, we also develop chores and activities for everyone’s attention. Harrison Mungai, Executive Director, iServe Africa.


Is offering a Kanban board, Gantt chart, and spreadsheet view, Wrike bridges the gap between classic and modern project management software. Moreover, Wrike’s free plan is ideal for small teams looking to move away from spreadsheet project management but isn’t ready to entirely give up the old system.

Free Features

  • Up to 5 users
  • Kanban board view
  • File sharing
  • Activity stream
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Basic integrations
  • Cloud storage integrations
  • 2 GB of storage space


Professional ($9.80/user/month): Free features plus up to 15 users, task and subtask management, Gantt chart view, advanced integrations, shareable dashboards, collaborators, 5 GB storage space, 15 GB video uploads per month.

Business ($24.80/user/month): Professional features plus up to 200 users, custom fields and workflows, shared real-time reports, report templates, visual analytics, calendars, request forms, time tracking, user groups and permissions, Salesforce integration, branded workspace, 50 GB storage space.

Wrike for marketers (custom): Unlimited users and business features Wrike Proof, Wrike extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, customized workspace, and Wrike Publish are some of the features available in Wrike.

Enterprise (custom): Business features plus unlimited users, Active Directory integration, SAML 2.0 SSO, 2-factor authentication, password policies, admin permissions, user audit reports, network access, compliance policies, Business Intelligence integration, advanced user access controls, 100 GB storage space.

Customer Review

Since 2014, we’ve been using Wrike in our small digital marketing agency. However, it has revolutionized our capacity to work effectively from any location, gain visibility into our work, collaborate, and manage our clients, projects, and workload. It is the only reliable source of information for our work eventually. Additionally, the client service is excellent. Andrea Hester, Director of Operations, Clearfire, Inc.

Teamwork Projects

Plan, Collaborate, Deliver, and Report are the four elements of a teamwork project. So, thanks to features like Gantt charts and Kanban boards, customized report views, and more, it has earned a spot among the top project management software. For instance, Teamwork Project is perfect for teams with a diverse range of projects and team members, though the free plan’s five-user limit means you’ll really get going once you start paying.

Free Features

  • Max 5 users
  • 100 MB file space
  • Up to 2 active projects
  • Limited boards
  • Basic project management
  • Subtasks
  • Color themes
  • No integrations


Pro ($9/user/month – min. 5 users): 100 GB of file storage, 300 projects, up to 50 users, 20 project templates, board view, rapid file editing, webhooks, and basic integrations are all included in the free plan.

Premium ($15/user/month – min. 5 users): 250 GB of file storage, 600 projects, up to 100 users, 50 project templates, a project portfolio, webhooks, 2-factor authentication, a custom domain with SSL, and enhanced integrations are all included in the Pro package.

Enterprise (custom): 500+ GB file storage, limitless projects, 100+ users, infinite project templates, SSO, heightened security, priority support, and a dedicated customer success manager are among the premium features.

Customer Review

Overall, the experience has been favorable, with most team members swiftly adopting to Teamwork. Since we were moving from a very rudimentary Trello system to this more fully-featured platform, there was a little learning curve altogether. Sara Olive S, Project Manager, Marketing and Advertising.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, there is no such thing as a comprehensive list of the finest software for Web Project Managers above all. On the other hand, Apps and services are constantly being developed and updated, but this list serves as a good starting point comparatively. Thereupon, Finding an app that works best for your team and keeping an eye on new releases are the keys to success.

Let’s face it: despite their differences, the majority of the apps on this list have a lot in common. For instance, there are many comparisons to be found. Whether it’s the shared use of Kanban boards or Gantt charts or the distinction of more robust security for more expensive pricing plans accordingly. Likewise, only by getting out and testing these possibilities for yourself will you honestly know what feels right and what works best for your team.

Consequently, at, our scrum masters manage agile projects on Trello certainly and leverage the technology for keeping all stakeholders on the same page. However, Do you want to Hire for Remote Project Management or require Project Management Consulting for your next project? We’re just a call away! Get in touch with us @ 1 (510) 556-4147‬. ‬

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