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Work from home is here to stay—flexible schedules, the ability to work from anywhere, and more time to spend with friends and family; it’s the new normal. The question is does remote project management really work?

It’s no surprise that 99 percent of remote workers say they’d like to work at least part of the time remotely for the rest of their careers, but remote employees aren’t the only ones that gain from it. Companies that embrace remote work find increased productivity, less wasted time, and lower overhead costs.

Although remote project management has been around for a while, COVID-19 has taken it to the next level. Setting standards and creating a new foundation at the start of each project is essential for keeping a remote team on track. However, managing projects from a distance isn’t all that different from one in a high-rise.

The primary responsibility is to create a clear project spec, attend a launch meeting, and keep a close eye on the project until it reaches the client. The real issue of remote project management is ensuring that a team distributed across the globe can work together to complete the task.

The “proper technique” to manage remote projects will differ for each company, product, or team. Here, you’ll hear why remote project management has worked for many reputable organizations and how it can benefit your company, too.

Types of Remote Teams

A remote project team’s main distinguishing feature is that it is not co-located. Multiple sorts are utilized for various reasons and market conditions:

Flex Teams: The team members have the option of working remotely or in a shared workspace.

Hybrid Teams: Teams of people who work at different locations.

Fully Remote Teams: The word is self-explanatory; everyone involved in the project works from their homes or a different workplace.

Before deciding on any aforementioned remote arrangements. So, remember that it’s highly improbable that you could gather any random group of individuals from all over the world at any unexpected time in history and expect them to create something extraordinary. This is where Remote Project Managers come to the rescue.

Why Hire a Remote Project Manager

Project managers are the unsung heroes that help structure a company’s workflow. And guarantee that projects completed on time and within a budget. Despite this, many business owners wonder, do I really need to hire a project manager? Isn’t it possible for me to take care of everything on my own? Yes, you certainly could, but since you already have a lot on your plate, hiring a Remote Project Managers is a safe play.

Beat the Clock

Beat the Clock

Do you ever find yourself rushing around in a race against the clock that you’ve set for yourself? If yes, you’ve been utilizing time as a crutch rather than a tool. It’s hardly unexpected that you’re usually short on time. When you’re bearing the full responsibility of running your business on your shoulders. Hire Freelance Project Managers to free up time in your day by doing project management daily.

Most Bang for Your Buck

You have all the cards when hiring Remote Project Managers since you can get the most bang for your buck. Therefore, you are relieved of tension associated with low-quality work because their prices are dependent on the worth of the work they provide. This is especially beneficial for projects with a higher level of complexity.

No entrepreneur has ever said, “My Remote Project Manager isn’t serious about their work”. Since your Remote Project Manager gets compensated based on the quality of their work; you can count on them to be sincere. When it comes to VAs, their work is enough to motivate them to perform well.

Get Multiple Tasks Done

Customer happiness is the foundation of any company. Maintaining contact with them, returning calls promptly, responding to their inquiries, and keeping them informed about project progress are essential activities. Hire for Remote Project Management and delegate this department to them. They will communicate with clients regularly and keep them informed.

Stay in Budget

Budget, timeliness, and quality are the three pillars of each project. And without money, nothing can move forward. Since the budget decides which resources will be used, calculating and tracking it is critical to the project’s success. To avoid high costs, a Remote Project Manager will carefully lay out the budget and maintain track of it.

A Bigger Pool of Talents

When it comes to virtual employees, you are not bound by geography and can collaborate with people from many walks of life. This allows you to tap into a worldwide talent pool while also improving the quality of your output. As a result, when you hire a Remote Project Manager, you are putting yourself in a position to succeed.

How Project Management Tools Make Remote PM Successful

Project management is complex enough at the best of times, but it becomes more complicated when your team is dispersed. Remote teams must rethink how they coordinate and monitor their efforts due to work visibility, communication, and asynchronous collaboration challenges.

Fortunately, various tools are available to help with this process these days. Ranging from project scoping and job prioritizing to syncing and tracking progress. If your storehouse is overflowing with post-it notes, find the Best Free Project Management Tools 2022 here.

At, our scrum masters manage agile projects on Trello and leverage the technology for keeping all stakeholders on the same page. Want to Hire for Remote Project Management or require Project Management Consulting for your next project? We’re just a call away! Get in touch with us @ 1 (510) 556-4147‬. ‬‬

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