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Scrum Teams’ Web Development Services Recognized By GoodFirms

May 23, 2023
Web development involves creating, building, and maintaining websites and web applications accessed through a browser. However, it also requires database management, web design, and programming. Designing the features and functionality…

Node Js Vs. ReactJs Comparison: Which One to Choose for Your JS Project?

August 18, 2022
What is JavaScript? Programmers use the JavaScript programming language worldwide to create dynamic and interactive web content, such as applications and browsers. The JavaScript programming language is the most popular…

First 90 Days as a Manager – Things Every New Manager Needs To Do

August 18, 2022
Getting an upgrade in terms of position at work and that leading to an update on CVs is positive news, especially if the position is of a manager. The candidate…

Most Popular Programming Languages in 2022

August 5, 2022
The definition of a programming language is any set of rules for converting a series of data, or graphical elements in the case of visual programming languages, to machine code.…

Software Developer vs. Software Engineer

July 29, 2022
What is Software? Software is a broad term and can be defined differently depending on the context. Software is a fixture of instructions, scripts, and programs to function computers and…

What is the Difference Between a Project Manager and a Scrum Master?

July 14, 2022
In this ever-growing world of Information Technology, Project Manager and Scrum Master are two roles that are very important. And somewhat considered to have similar meanings attached to them. While…

How can you become an Agile Practitioner? Coach, Scrum Master

July 5, 2022
  What is Project Management? Project Management is the method of driving the workforce to realize all venture objectives are inside the given imperatives. Ordinarily portrayed data in extended documentation…

Scrum Framework – How it Works and Why It’s More Productive

June 10, 2022
The Scrum process is that the Scrum framework relies on a system of continuous improvement, and software development teams frequently use it; its principles and lessons can be applied to…

Outsourcing Software Development Techniques

June 7, 2022
In the ongoing world of technological advancement, many companies or industries use outsourcing to help get their job done faster and better to keep up the pace. Outsourcing means giving…