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We’re offering top-notch technologies, with collaboration of experienced Developers, Designers, Project Managers, and QA Engineers

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About Us

Scrum Teams is based in California, US, with over 60 satisfied customers worldwide. We aim to boost the customer experience in their Digital Transformation journey by providing remote software development scrum teams, empowering them with the latest technologies, and help them solve their problems. We’re offering premium quality scrum teams comprising world-class developers, including Web Developers, Specialized Frontend and Backend Developers, Mobile App Developers, Manual and Automated Quality Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Creative Heads, Digital Marketing Specialists, and Project Managers/Scrum Masters to build digital products solving complex business problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cut the lead time to assemble highly productive software engineering scrum teams

Our Vision

Leveraging technologies to solve real-world problems. Thus making the world a better place – one solution at a time.

Why Choose

Hiring high-quality software engineers is a challenging task in today’s competitive environment. Likewise, building gelled-together, highly performant engineering teams may take months. We’re following Truckman’s team-building process in four phases:


Hiring the team. Team has little understanding and requires guidance.


Increasing clarity of purpose, and constant coaching.


Clarifying the roles, facilitation resources, and agreement.


Task completion with solid decision-making and problem-solving is in place.

At, we already have team members who have worked on several projects together. Therefore, we’re able to fast-track you to Norming or Performing phases really quick, getting you strategically refined scrum team ready to work on the action plan and create outclass products as a conclusion. It leads to group decision-making and problem-solving, thus saving you precious time and resources which would otherwise have been spent on Forming or Storming phases. Moreover, having gelled together team dramatically increases the chances of success for a new idea or startup. assists the clients in hiring software engineering scrum teams with data-driven methodologies. Every engineer joining goes through a rigorous hiring process, which includes background review, multiple rounds of technical interviews, personality assessment, and finally the ability to work well with our teams is also assessed.

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